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    Choosing a countertop is never a simple task.

    It marks the point of encounter between aesthetics and function, both very important. Today’s proposals for countertops satisfy the widest range of tastes. They are available in technological materials like Fenix NTM® and increasingly more hard-wearing laminates.


    The kitchen countertop contains the sink and cooktop, two fundamental elements to the functioning of any kitchen. It is also the space for cleaning, prepping, cutting and mixing foods, resting hot pots and pans, plating food and storing small kitchen appliances and everyday utensils. The best countertop is robust, water repellent, resistant to heat and humidity, hygienic and easy to clean. In practical terms, choices must also consider tactile pleasure, because the countertop is constantly being touched and brushed up against by anyone working in the kitchen.

    A great innovation. Gacaferi is now making its kitchen worktops in FENIX NTM™ too – the new, futuristic, 100% Made in Italy material based on the latest thermoplastic resin. Thanks to the use of applied nanotechnology, it’s even self-healing. The new Gacaferi kitchen worktops have amazing properties: they self-heal any tiny scratches simply by means of exposure to heat. Just moisten the surface with a piece of damp kitchen paper, then pass over the scratch with a hot iron to repair the damage. Your worktop will look brand new again. The surface of the new FENIX NTM™ material is resistant to digital fingerprints. It has a pleasantly soft feel and an extremely matt finish. It guarantees perfect furnishings that can withstand knocks, scratches and abrasions, are hygienic and easy to clean, suitable for contact with foodstuffs, anti-mould, antistatic, waterproof, resistant to dry heat and rubbing, resistant to acid solvents and domestic reagents, with wonderfully intense and deep colours. The new Gacaferi worktops are available in a range of classic and trendy colours to ensure a striking effect. Come and find out all about them!